Anathema Pressure Music Video

Anathema music video for Pressure a song from their 2001 album A Fine Day To Exit, the record is another complete departure from their doom metal roots, being entirely a rock album, all remains of metal gone from the sound.   A Fine Day To Exit was successful for the band, breaking into charts in Finland Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Pressure Lyrics

As the pressure grows and these feelings flow
Trample on bodies, bodies in holes of faith
Times I’ve asked the lord for forgiveness
While kept under a spell of a sweating locust’s breath
No need to tell me ’cause it’s written on your face
Sliding down now with the black lights shining

I don’t care where you go you won’t get away from me
Black as the night is day filled with no sympathy
Marching down the hall for a misery
I don’t care where you go, you won’t get away from me

Mouth tastes of sick, stomach twist inside
Everything’s wrong and I can’t get away
The gravity of fear you can feel it coming near
It’s coming straight for you, it’ll twist and drag you down

I don’t care where you go, you won’t get away from me

Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit - Cover

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