Architects Always Music Video

Early music video for Always from Architects second studio album Ruin.   This record was the first to feature the vocalist Sam Carter and bassist Alex Dean.   The addition of Sam Carter to the band marked a distinct change in vocal style for the band, moving more towards a hardcore punk vocal sound.

Always Lyrics

If only you were here to hold my head above bloody waters
We could make it through
You turned your back on me and now I do the same to you
You made me feel so hollow
How can the man that you looked up to turn around and say three words that hurt more than you’ll ever know
You don’t know what it feels like to be in my shoes
You turned your back on me as I stood there and fell to the floor
This time there’s no reason for me to turn around and scream for help
But if only you were here to hold my head above all those things you said to tie me down
I’m looking for forgiveness for something that I didn’t even do
How can you call yourself and idol, a person to trust?
How can I look so high up when you’re always holding me down?

Architects - Ruin - Cover

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