As I Lay Dying I Never Wanted Music Video

Music video for the track I Never Wanted from the fourth album by American metalcore band As I Lay Dying entitled An Ocean Between Us.  The record was released on August 21st 2007 via Metal Blade Records and smashed into the Billboard 200 at number 8 with opening week sales of 39,500 copies.

Band singer Tim Lambesis said about the album – “We spent some time listening to our last album and, just from being on tour, we became a little bit jaded by how the genre – as a whole – has sort of copied itself over and over again. We decided we wanted to be more diverse, even down to the point where we sort of felt like we should really focus on writing songs in different categories, and then pick the best songs from those categories and use them for the record”

Guitarist Nick Hipa also commented saying – “Collectively we’ve all pushed ourselves, and we’re all doing things that we weren’t even capable of doing on the last record. And on top of just experimenting and trying different things, I think we just wrote some pretty sick jams, so I’m happy with it. That’s all I can say. For kids who like our band and think they know what to expect from us, it might throw them off a little bit.  I encourage anybody who likes our band to approach this album with an open mind.”

I Never Wanted Lyrics

I never wanted
And I never cared before
Now take it all back
This is a new day

How I long to regress
To the days before I took upon myself
The obsessions of this world
A day of innocence equating beauty
For tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone

Now take it back
This is a new day

I’ve grown tired of chasing
Convinced I was in need
And now the years I’ve spent
Only a slave to this
Tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone
I will no longer adore
These things that will never satisfy me

I have seen my world change
And then go back to where it came
In this vicious circle
We are all brought back to life
Only to die again
But without these barren obsessions
I am simply free

As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us - Cover

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