August Burns Red Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins Music Video

August Burns Red live music video for their song Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins from the first full length album by the band Thrill Seeker.  The record was the only album by the guys to feature Jordan Tuscan on bass and Josh McManness undertaking singing duties, both who would leave the band a year after the release of the album.

The video sees he guys performing the song at one of their gigs and was featured on the 2010 video DVD release Home.

Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins Lyrics

Open those eyes.
Wake from peace.
Orders are some favorite color.
Same old same old is their battle cry.
Why don’t we keep searching for a new flavor?
Our hearts have become a routine.
Worthy kings have broken backs for nothing.
Unless we cherish all with pride,
the lines on our face will turn into canyons of sorrow instead of hope.
They didn’t die from the cold without but they died from the cold within.
And I just can’t stop denying that our brothers are in miserable pain.
Stop short.
Lend a hand and break the chains of regularity that you lean so closely upon.
Your little Suburbia is in ruins.
Tear down all the assumptions you hold, for I guarantee they are false.
Sometimes the best feeling may be the one that kills.

August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker - Cover

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