Carcass No Love Lost Music Video

Heartwork music video from 1993 Carcass album of the same name.    The fourth Carcass album was seen as a breakthrough album for the band after over 80,000 copies across the UK and the US and smashing the band into charts for the first time, landing at number 67 on the UK album chart and 222 on the Japan album chart.

No Love Lost Lyrics

Sensual awakening
Numbing feeling’s dead
Conception’s romanticised
Synthesized broken heart’s to bledWithout emotion you heartstring’s played
Strummed and severed to the tune of a tragic serenadeWithout emotion, your heartstrings break
Snapped and severed to the tune of a tragic, sad cliche

No love lost
When all is said and done
There’s no love lost

The low cost of loving
Amorous travesty
Human frailties and weakness are easy prey
How your poor heart will bleed

Carcass - Heartwork - Cover


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