Children of Bodom Was It Worth It? Video

The music video for Was It Worth It? features several well known professional skateboarders, including Chris ColeGarrett Hill, Tom Asta and Jamie Thomas and sees Children of Bodom performing in the center of a skate park while the skaters ride acrobatically around them and even with their skateboards engulfed in flames towards the end of the video.

Was It Worth It? Lyrics

I’ve been dragged through mud here
Completely beat up and torn
But when last night comes back
To me I sure as hell know

We rocked, went crazy
And far beyond
When I look back
And ask myself
Was it worth it?

Hell yeah ..Ignore the pain
Hungover ..But I’ll do it again
Crying ..Tears made of grit
Flying ..Oh yes, it was worth it


Withdrawal kicking in, I can’t shake it
Yet in one way I have to take it

I’ll rock, go nuts
And far beyond
And I look back
I don’t need to know
Was it worth it?

Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever - Cover

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