Dark Tranquillity Lost To Apathy Music Video

Lost To Apathy music video for the song form Character, the seventh full length studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity.  The record was tracked at Studio Fredman , then released in January 2005 via the Century Media record label.

Lost To Apathy Lyrics

The unsaid tone of weak despair
fail to resonate
frayed ends of our binding
threads will disintegrate

By laws our physiques state
failure to communicate
none too sentient hear no,
see no works its magic against all function
ongoing choices the trials will end
filter the nonsense and laugh at what’s left
indecision / nonvision
what matters taken away

Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over
Lost to apathy

So overcome with pointless tears
to test pain receptors
nothing matters ever here
put up a nonreaction
these eyes will never see
covered up from reality

The unknown world that you deny
no priority
cannot fail if you never start
how predictable
i want to know where did it end
for madness to start
always the skeptic and never be part
it matters not

Dark Tranquillity - Character - Cover

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