Decapitated Instinct Music Video

Instinct music video, a song from the sixth Decapitated album Blood Mantra released in September 2014.  The album marks the entry of bassist Paweł Pasek and drummer Michał Łysejko into the band and sees Decapitated as brutal as ever.

Decapitated guitarist Wacław ‘Vogg’ Kiełtyka said about the record -“Extreme and groove -I think that’s the best way to describe our new album. This time we feel that we have something totally crushing and huge. Blood Mantra is the most heavy and mature album we ever did in our career. I cannot wait to start to play songs live because riffs are so deep and powerful. We flirt with various tempos mixing death metal with grindcore and almost outright black metal atmosphere together with more, so to speak, ‘crowd-puller’ beats verging on groovy, almost stoner-rock climates. There are also a few more modern metal rhythmic riffs where we return to the climate of Organic Hallucinosis album. I’m certain that the very fact we are again, after 9 years, in Hertz studio will evoke the spirit of that album. The vocals sound very promising. Rasta is a much more experienced vocalist compared to the Carnival Is Forever album times. And his voice sounds more powerful and deeper.”

Instinct Lyrics

Hunting for some satisfaction?
Follow the species hidden under royalty of our kind.
Instinct and treacherous mother Evolution,
left the beast standing at Your side.
Congratulations! You are the highest of the links…
But remember! You can’t deny what You are.

Couldn’t it be different,
cause we are the whores of the porn generation.
Nude witches on the walls,
lewd spell cast on media trash.
Listen to their voices lilt.
Can You hear them, calling for your animal?
Inquisition of paraphiliac minds.

Orgasmic Value rules the aphrodisiac world.
Fuck for money!
Fuck for name!
Fuck for money!
Fuck for fame!

Masked with exquisite lives.
Avoid taboo world, taboo world.
The forbidden world of primal pleasures.
There is no freedom in our nature.
Whenever You reach!
Whatever You achieve!
Whoever You are!
There is no freedom in our nature!

Decapitated - Blood Mantra - Front

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