Dethklok The Galaxy Music Video

The Galaxy music video for the song from The Dethalbum III, the third full length album by animated show Dethklok. The LP was produced by Ulrich WildBrendon Small, then released in October 2012 on the Williams Street label.

The Galaxy Lyrics

Darkness (Darkness)
The end of days

Planets (Planets)
Kinetic haze

Arrive (Arrive)
The last dimension

Reject (Reject)
the apprehension

Convicted (Convicted)
We don’t look back

The storm (The storm)
Electric black

This war (This war)
Is formed in vengeance

The story (the story)
Has been predicted

We are the dark and the light!
We have the power of time!
We are the serpents intertwined!
The galaxy will unite!

Perfect liars, promising us
Can’t stop the beast, we got no other choice (Got no other choice)

Unforgiving soulless nature
It’s not gonna tame us, gonna beat him (Gonna beat him)
Not gonna stop reaping (Stop reaping)

The prize is deth (The prize is deth)
We made the pact when we took our first breath (When we took our first breath)

Fearless (Fearless)
This is our quest (This is our quest)

That leads me on, man the star-gates! (Star-gates!)
Star-gates! (Star-gates!)


We are the dark and the light! (We are the dark and the light)
We have the power of time! (We have the power of time)
We are the serpents intertwined! (We are the serpents intertwined)
The galaxy will unite! (The galaxy will unite)

This is the beginning! -x7

Its all starting NOW!
This is the beginning! -x7

It’s all starting now!

Dethklok - The Dethalbum II - Cover

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