Every Time I Die Decayin’ With The Boys Video

Decayin’ With The Boys music video by Every Time I Die, a track from the album From Parts Unknown, the seventh studio album by the band, released in July 2014 via Epitaph Records.

Decayin’ With The Boys

I ain’t afraid of the dark
I ain’t worried about the savages loose in the night
But you show me the things I’ve done and girl you know
I get ch-ch-chills
All down my crooked spine

Kill the lights -x3

I’ve seen to much
If so below, then as above
Lord knows I’ve seen enough

It’s crystal clear and uglier then I thought
Desperate and lonely juggernauts
Illuminate the filth
With the glow of your righteous heart
Shine a light upon the world
And I’ll scurry back to the dark

Lights on
Rats out

The uppers lower me into the hive
The lights are low, us weeds come alive
Downers pick me up into a ditch
I cannot scratch this never-ending itch

Salvation is a hell of a thing -x3

Pull the dust up over your eyes

I don’t believe I’ll have a revelation with all these secrets of mine
And if I ever have a holy vision
It’s going to be, two at a time
I got so much soul in me that I’m barely alive
I’ve been down and out for so long I can’t be revived

I ain’t afraid to be long lost
I ain’t bothered by the silence, the cold, or the roads that stretch for miles
But you show me the man I’ve become and you girl you know
I want to tie up a rope
And crack my crooked spine

Kill the lights -x3

I’ve seen to much

Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown - Cover

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