Every Time I Die Revival Mode Video

Music video for Every Time I Die track Revival Mode, from the bands sixth full length LP Ex Lives.  The video was directed by Robert ‘Robo’ Schober who said about the clip – “The video is a surrealist crime drama set on a lost highway.  The story loosely interprets key phrases from the song…the guys were awesome and put up with many hours of freezing temperatures in the middle of the desert”

Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley also commented on the clip, saying – “We worked with director Robert Schober who has done incredible work for Mastodon, Deftones, Metallica and now, us. The clip has a very ambiguously creepy David Lynch vibe to it and might be the first time we’ve never included a single one of our instruments in lieu of a story line that exists outside of us as members of a band. It’s dark and weird and while not completely adhering thematically to the lyrics, it sets a larger, broader mood which marries the song perfectly.”

Ex Lives was released via Epitaph Records in March 2012, debuting on the Billboard 200 at number 20 after selling 14,300 copies in the first week of release.

Revival Mode Lyrics

Thanks lord, but I don’t need anymore poor advice, poor advice.

I caught in the cannon with a one way ticket.
Four riders in a town with one horse.
I wagered a sure thing,
Against what was behind the first door.
Stack the chips, ready to ride.
Out of sight, out of mind.
It’s fool-proof and it won’t do,
To make safe bets while I’m towing the line.

Thanks lord, but I don’t need anymore poor advice, poor advice.

I had a lock on a dirty little secret,
A raging bull who was fixed to fall down.
I’ve been waiting at ringside my whole life but still swinging on.

I got debts piling high.
I got addictions and ex-wives
But I’ve stayed true, so I thank you
For bearing witness while I waste my fucking life.

I’m ready to pay the judge, to pay the judge, to pay the judge now
I need to tip the scales, some sort of bribery, I’m not waiting this out.
I’m ready to pay the judge, to pay the judge, to pay the judge.
I need to grease a palm, some sort of certainty, I’m sick of waiting this out.

I should have learned a more noble craft,
Out of the library into the lab.
And “Will the machine gunner please step forth?”
There’s only room on the rescue boat,
For butchers and bakers and men with hope.
And And will machine gunners please step forth?
Will machine gunners please step forth.

Every Time I Die - Ex Lives - Cover

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