Every Time I Die We’rewolf Music Video

Music video for Every Time I Die song We’rewolf, from their fourth studio album The Big Dirty which was released in September 2007 via Ferret Records.

The band made the following statement to accompany the album release back in 2007 – “Unless you’re a sorority girl, you’re probably not accustomed to dudes telling you that something called The Big Dirty is about to invade your personal space. Well we here at Every Time I Die are doing just that, so open your holes wide. Your EAR holes. This August, Ferret Music will release what can only be described as Every Time I Die‘s newest album known as The Big Dirty.  Chock-a-block with riffs that only 4 months of a Buffalo, New York winter could spawn, this new record will undoubtedly satisfy those that have followed the band since their first full length release Last Night In Town all the way through Gutter Phenomenon. And if you were one of the 38 confused men who strayed somewhere along that interim, we welcome you back with open arms. You want ironically distasteful rock and roll pretenses? You got em. You want riffs so filthy they should have a moustache and wear elastic work out pants when they go out to eat at the Olive Garden? Right here, boys. You want mosh parts so brutal it could star opposite Charles Bronson in ANY of the Death Wish movies? Come get some. Produced by Steve Evetts, The Big Dirty is the CD you would compile if asked to make a mix of the BEST Every Time I Die songs you haven’t heard yet. Ten plus tracks that tore from our filthy hands like the creature that jumped out of that dudes stomach in Alien. If this ain’t your favorite heavy release of the year, I’ll eat my damn hat. Look for us on Sounds Of The Underground this summer with Chimaira and GWAR. And if you’re in Australia, firstly G’day Mate! and secondly get your ass ready for us and Norma Jean in early June. Who’s buyin’?”

We’rewolf Lyrics

turn the lights off, turn the lights off, your daddy better lock up his girls.
say a prayer boy, call on the cross because you ain’t got no more when the music comes on.
board up the doors and windows and keep your crying under your breath.
I smell a drop of beer in a ten gallon tank and I’m moving in for the kill.
yea. in the wild kingdom you don’t live until you’re ready to die.
which one of you sons of bitches is gonna make me feel alive?
which one of you motherfuckers is gonna get inside me heart (attack)?
it’s a full moon, denim is tight, and my flannel shirt is freaking out.
run for your life, cover your eyes, I don’t want you to see me party this hard.
I’ve got a bone to pick with the morning sun and the first last call but I didn’t put my hair in a pony tail for nothing,
so if I’m going home alone I ain’t going at all.
yea. I’m the wild kingdom you don’t live until you’re ready to die.
which one of you sons of bitches is gonna make me feel alive?
which one of you motherfuckers if gonna get inside my heart?
is gonna give me a heart attack?
look away it’s too much to bear.
I’ve been bitten by the party animal.
save yourself.
save yourself.
tell my baby that I love her so.
don’t cry. don’t cry.
I gave the world one hell of a time and I don’t regret a thing except for the time that I got caught givin’ it.
I never thought it would take. I had thick blood and cynical skin.
to where are you supposed to escape, from the creature is lurking inside of you?

Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty - Cover

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