Fear Factory Powershifter Music Video

Powershifter is a song from the 2011 seventh full length studio Fear Factory album Mechanize.   The track is the first single from Mechanize and the music video for the song was directed by Myles Dyer with assistance from producer Tom Bacon and cameraman David Bass at live Fear Factory gigs during the UK leg of their 2011 Fear Campaign Tour.

Fear Factory front-man Burton C. Bell tells us about the record, “I am very curious to see the reaction to this video. It was filmed by a good friend of ours, Myles Dyer. He has been a great supporter of Fear Factory for a long time, and now he has become a prominent video-grapher. He traveled with us for about a week during the UK portion of the Fear Campaign tour earlier this year. Although Powershifter was leaked in the early stages of release, we wanted to produce an online only video for Fear Factory fans everywhere. We hope the fans take the video and spread the Fear Factory word like wildfire.”

Mechanize also marks the return of guitarist Dino Cazares to the band after he and Burton C. Bell sorted out their differences in 2009.

Powershifter Lyrics

Feared your control and excessive greed
Abuse of your power disgraced me
You want war
You got war
More than you bargained for
I damn you and leave defiantly
Cut you out and take it all with me
You want war
You got war
More than you bargained for
Always question authority, control my own destiny
Forcing change, breaking free
From the gears of the machine
Changing my world so I can live
Execution powershift
I will forge my place in this time
Contention is sharply refined
I will expose you and force your demise
To take control of what is truly mine

Fear Factory - Mechanize - Cover

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