Kataklysm The Awakener Music Video

The Awakener music video for the song from Temple Of Knowledge, the second full length studio album by Canadian death metal band Kataklysm.   The record was tracked at Morin-Heights Studio, Canada with Jean-Francois Dagenais and released in June 1996 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The Awakener Lyrics

The West wind’s erranted breeze swifted by the
Vivid Clay
As the old Batallion of invisible Forests haunt the
Sylvan Mount…
And the Avatar was chanelling Yew’s wildern-
Ess decent Surroundings…
To celebrate an Oath undertaken at his 19th
A Rebirth on the 19th of Febuary 1991
… This historical Alliance of the Brother Houde;
Set the Gem to summon the Legends…
And the Elixir was delivered to the Royal Clan
And the Elixir was delivered to the Royal Clan
A Name, a Shape and a Number was yielded…
From the Exhibited Landscape… From the
Exhibited Landscape
9 distincted letters were granted into a Word of
Then was graphed the 1st of the 9…
Gates of Kataklysmity
A 9 pointed Star lodging the 3 crafted Sigils…
From the Darkened Earth. … From the Darkened
3 Trilogies adding 3 Trinities and 3 Volumes…
The 1st Order of the 9 has begone

A year will come when 3 Nines will collide…
This year will be 1999
The 1st Day of Renewal ending the year with this
1st Day of Betrayal… 666 1st
Another Rebirth on the 19th og Febuary 1999…
A Crusader will make, himself heard…
The Awakener… 666 1st
By the Woods of the Ecclesiastic Houde -x2

Kataklysm - Temple Of Knowledge - Cover

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