Kreator Chosen Few Music Video

Chosen Few music video for the song from Endorama, the ninth studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator.   The record was produced at Powerplay and Hithead Studios, Switzerland & Principal Studios, Münster, Germany with Mille Petrozza, Thomas Vetterli, and then released in April 1999 via the Dakkar Records label.

Chosen Few Lyrics

For the first time in my life
I’ve seen the fire within your eyes
My mind it screams for shelter now
I know i’ve got to resist some how

My religion my certain death
My salvation my sacriledge
My inner sanctum my prophecy
You’ve become everything and more to me

So our souls will be one
A new era has begun
Fantasies will come true
Not only for the Chosen Few

For freedom is a two edged sword
And life is only a gift for gods
Straight from the heart of the serpent’s kiss
To see something as it really is

My prescious kingdom my empire
My tragedy and my desire
My life’s blood my shining light
Feels like i am finally alive

Kreator - Endorama - Cover

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