Krisiun Blood of Lions Music Video

Blood of Lions music video for the song from The Great Execution, the eighth studio album by Brazilian death metal band Krisiun.  The LP was produced by Andy Classen and released in October 2011 via Century Media Records.

Blood of Lions Lyrics

See me coming from beyond the mortal light
Flying high on the wings of the cursed time
Here it comes like a deadly thunderstorm
Decimating my enemies at dawn

Here I stand and draw a line – my existence remains undivine
Predator of the rising sun, for I fear no one

Ruler of the open steppe, vultures flying upon my path

Blood of lions – rushing thru my veins
Pumping the coldness of my heart
Blood of lions – rushing thru my veins
I death or victory, isolated integrity
Blood of lions – rushing thru my veins
Blood of lions

Here I come at the speed of a murderer sound
Riding fast on the wings of an infernal war
In my world only evil glorifies, the ways of chaos to purify

Procreated on a killing ground, animalized baptized in blood
My britherhood i defend and fight for
I praise no lord – my destination is eternal war

Blood of lions – Blood of lions

Ruled by the madness of vindication, collector of countless assassinations
In a mortal dawn of punishment, thru the valley of pale death

The breed of my foes I devour and despise, born to be cruel, not kind
Here I stand and draw a line, my existence remains undivine

Krisiun - The Great Execution - Cover

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