Krisiun Combustion Inferno Music Video

Combustion Inferno music video from Brazilian death metal band Krisiun.  The track is found on the bands seventh full length album Southern Storm which was recorded with producer Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in Borgentreich, Germany.  Southern Storm was released in July/August 2008 via Century Media Records.

Combustion Inferno Lyrics

An ominous, scorching maelstrom surges
To feed and blow the dry storm
Multiple lightning strikes viciously hitting the ground
Tornadic winds at great speeds ignite the fire front

Hot gas rises up to the clouds
Sucking the air from the entire plane
Scorching surface, devastated soil
Fornication under smoked skies

Decimation comes with hot winds
Through flowing streams of untamed flames
Tongues of fire swirling and dancing
Incineration under burning skies

Combustion infernal

Combustion infernal, everything burns, everything melts
Heat of thousand suns burns the ground to the core

Crown fires burning up higher at the top of houses and hills
Trees and corpses reduced to dust, fornication under burning skies

Krisiun - Southern Storm - Cover

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