Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore Music Video

Antiadore was the second video released from the 2013 album of the same name.   Lacrimas Profundere continues on with their unique blend of melancholic Gothic themes and upbeat metal Rock ‘N Sad.  Pretty entertaining song, emphasis on the word pretty.

Antiadore Lyrics:

Everything will fall apart
And you did all to break my heart
Now you’re gone and I’m still here
A short embrace could stop my fear
Stop my fear
Stop my fear again

And I did everything
And I always tried
But now I have nothing more to lose
And when you listen to my cries
I hate to understand
That there is nothing more to adore

I still hope
That you will see
My whole true love inside of me
Please coma back I swear I’ll wait
Your return won’t be too late
Be too late
Be too late for me

Author: Staff Writer

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