Lacrimas Profundere My Release In Pain Music Video

This is a great video for My Release In Pain from the 2013 album Antiadore.  The video is full artsy imagery and there’s butterflies everywhere FTW! (probably not real though).   Great upbeat gothic metal tune, until Rob Vitacca let loose with some serious black/death metal screams, hold up, did it just get heavy around here?   Blackened Gothic Death Rock, yeah, i made a new genre!

My Release In Pain Lyrics:

Can you, heal me
When nothing is mine
A weak smile won’t mean a thing
To my bitter mind

And please wipe my tears away
Stay with me for one more day
Or must I find my release in pain?
Without you I am alone
Without you everything’s wrong
You left a crevice inside my soul

A short chance, can stop now
All my sweet fears
Be with me and bask in my
Deepest agony

Author: Staff Writer

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