Leaves’ Eyes Symphony of the Night Video

Leaves’ Eyes music video for Symphony of the Night, a track from the 2013 fifth studio album by the band Symphonies of the Night.

Liv Kristine said about the record -“We have taken a great inspirational step since the production of Meredead, both sound-wise and vocal-wise.  It has been such a pleasure evolving in my singing techniques and knowledge and I thank my band members for giving me an inspirational kick when I needed to gain momentum behind the microphone. Symphonies Of The Night is hauntingly dream-like and heavy to the core!”

Symphony of the Night Lyrics

I feel these needles in my skin like savage wrath
She holds me in her arms I’m drifting in the dark
This fever of my heartt this burning fever drag
Every breath I take will make you hunt me more
I have no tongue to scream
My eyes deluded black

Symphony of thr night
Are we leaving tonight
Am I aching to love you in the night

You feel these needles in your skin like savage wrath
I hold her in my arms she’s drifting somewhere in the dark
This fever of her heart this burning fever drag
She has no tongue to speak
Are we living to die

Camilla all your rage will turn into sweet love
Are you living to die
Am I her just to be your sacrifice
Symphony of the night
Are we living to die
Am I here juste to be your sacrifice
Symphony of the night

You sense the coldness of your skin like icy glass
You feel your empty shadow like a faint painful call
They pass inside my wounded soul like mortal love
Hold me in my darkest hour
Are we living to die
Thine earth now springs mine fadeth

Leaves´ Eyes - Symphonies Of The Night - Cover

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