My Dying Bride The Poorest Waltz Music Video

My Dying Bride music video for the song The Poorest Waltz from the eleventh full length studio album by the released in October 2012 via the bands long time label Peaceville Records.  The album was record and mixed at Futureworks Studios in Manchester UK, with long-time My Dying Bride collaborator Mags once again producing the record.

The video clip opens with some beautifully animated scenes of a man approaching an asylum at night in what appears to be windy or stormy weather, and is described by the band as telling the story of a midnight tryst between two young village men and a dorm of blind girls locked in a sanatorium, who dance the night away to elegant music and home made wine.

The Poorest Waltz Lyrics:

Across the cedar covered river
Within the night that covers them
Up the hill toward dark gates
An approach so sweet yet again

Proffer the sightless with wine
Crank the old gramophone

To go up and dance with the blind girls
A secret so holy and dire
To waltz in the arms of innocence
Hushed delights from the choir

Shadows long and playful
Cast with broken old candles
Gowns worn and stressed
Yet graceful in tired old sandals

Strike up the scratchy old music
Tonight they won’t dance alone

Alas, the music does fade
Back to the village they creep
And leave the sanatorium
Its bars and rules, Just so

My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failures - Cover

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