Parkway Drive Unrest Music Video

Unrest music video for the song from Deep Blue, the third full length studio album by Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive.  The record was released in June 2010 via Epitaph Records to wide praise, debuting on the Billboard 200 at number 39 and number 2 on the ARIA chart and achieving gold certification in Australia

Unrest Lyrics

I’ve walked these streets a thousand times, still this world never seemed colder.
Compromised a thousand times to the will of malicious minds.
Reality never hit so fucking hard.
Crushed by endless desperation, endless surrender.
Retrace the steps, retrace the steps.
Is this what I have become?
Retrace the steps, retrace the steps.
What the fuck have I become?
Security, illusion for the weak.
Refuge, sought in routine.
Another gear in their fucking machine.
See, you can win the rat race but you’re still nothing but a fucking rat.
So seek that crown, because in this kingdom of fools true ignorance reigns supreme.
I see this city for what it is, a monument to the depths of human misery.
Retrace the steps.
What have we become?

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue - Cover

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