Revocation The Grip Tightens Music Video

This is the music video for the song The Grip Tightens from 2012 Revocation EP Teratogenesis.   The EP is notable for the addition of Brett Bamberger to the Revocation lineup after the departure of Anthony Buda in 2012.    Additionally it is notable for this music video, which is probably one of the funniest and of my favorite music videos EVER!    The video is set in a retirement home with the aged band doing their best to play a gig to the homes other residents.   The moral of the story appears to be that metal will never die, and neither will the passion of metal-heads for it \m/.

The Grip Tightens Lyrics
Slowly our rights erode away
We exist only to be slaves
The hidden hand with fingers outstretched
Closes in around our necks

Masses refuse to see
Kept in line as we are deceived
Minds start to atrophy
Suppress the will to be

The grip tightens around our throats
Gasping for air as we choke
A barren future, we’ve lost all hope
Slowly the grip tightens around our throats
Snuffing out the air from our lungs
A horrid realization
Suffocating, as we watch our world come undone
Knowing the worst is yet to come

Is this our destiny
To be enslaved endlessly
The notion of our freedom
Is a Fallacy

Strangulation, we choke out …Strangulation, we choke out
There’s nothing left, there’s nothing left …There’s nothing left
Suffocating, we’re breathing ..Suffocating, we’re breathing
Our final breath, our final breath …Our final breath

Around our throats

Revocation - Teratogenesis - Cover


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