Sevendust Falcons on Top Music Video

Falcons on Top music video for the song from Cold Day Memory the eighth studio album by American alternative metal band Sevendust.  The record was produced by Johnny K, then released in April 2010 via the Asylum label.

Falcons on Top Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the occasion
And put your hands in the air

Falcons on top, Falcons gonna win
Never givin’ up; never givin’ in Next stop, dome bound; you’re goin’ straight down
I wasn’t born to lose
Keep in mind by the time that you leave here
You’ll be singin’ the blues

Next stage, front page; you know you goin’ downI know I’ve done this before
Can’t sit; won’t quit, not this time around
I’m coming at you for more

Next stop, dome bound
You’re goin’ straight down Put your hands in the air!

Sevendust - Cold Day Memory - Cover

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