Suicidal Tendencies Pop Songs

Pop Songs music video for the song from Free Your Soul and Save My Mind, the tenth studio album from American hardcore thrash punk band Suicidal Tendencies.  The LP was produced by the band, and then released in September 2000 on the Suicidal Records label.

Pop Songs Lyrics

I hate Pop Songs
They think they’re clever, I think they’re wrong
I hate bubble gum punk
They got the look but the music is junk

I hate anyone that savors
The foul stench of this months flavor
And hell is a place that you can go
If you like disco or techno

Pop songs -x4

Hi boys and girls
come on and get happy

I hate Puff Daddy
And his friend the dead fatty
I hate the grateful dead
But I’ll be grateful when the rest of them are dead

I feel like I’m on pins and needles
How many bands can rip off the Beatles?
And every day there is another
Band that got big by playing a cover

I hate pop songs -x4
lala, lala, lalalalalalalala

I hate Celine Dion
Titanic Song makes me wanna moan
And if I hear another love ballad
I think I’m gonna have to toss my salad and

I hate teen idols
they got signed by old farts with fancy titles
There’s nothing worse at least to me
Than stupid lyrics with a lame ass melody

I hate pop songs, pop songs -x4
Pop songs, I hate pop songs -x2

Suicidal Tendencies - Free Your Soul and Save My Mind - Cover

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