Sylosis A Serpent’s Tongue Music Video

This video see’s SYLOSIS performing A Serpent’s Tongue to a packed house in their home town of Reading, UK.    Great melodic thrash/death metal from the bands second brutal album Edge Of The Earth, which is still available for sale all over the place.

A Serpent’s Tongue Lyrics:

Through compulsion
Deceptive thoughts escape
Revealing a leech within
All blood replaced
Archaic Ancestry
Consuming the mind
Shape shifting….. Hallowed guise
Soul engraved….. Becoming a corporeal slave
Beneath the surface
Lies another being
Seeping through your skin
Beguiling….. Transparent
Words flow like venomous spit
Shape shifting…. Hallowed guise
Soul engraved…. Becoming a corporeal slave
Riddled with disease
It breathes
It bleeds
It speaks….. Lies
The mask of humanity breaks
Jaws open to expose this vile creature
Possessed in flesh uttering hypocrisy
Nothing does it taste
It’s only purpose is to secrete verbal waste
Leech within
Holding to… One ounce of truth
All see through….. To what lies beneath you
A constant struggle inside
Biologically lobotomized
Before you speak and even begin to think
Remember you’re merely a man and not a god

sylosis - edge of the earth

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