SYLOSIS Fear The World Music Video

Devastating thrash song from SYLOSIS, the video features the band playing in a room full of pallet stacks and amps while they smash out the track.   Fear the world features a return to some clean vocals for the band with Josh Middleton singing an interlude before the solo clean, pretty well done i thought.   Fear The World is from the third SYLOSIS album Monolith released in October 2012.

Fear The World Lyrics:

Submit to the truth and try to
Break free from this hell that surrounds me
Daylight engulfed and consumed
By a vile black swarm
I’ve seen all that I know disappear
Fleeting away on the wind
Ripped from my grasp with no words passed
You gave me no warning
Gave us no warning

Stay within your comfort
Confined to the shadows

For you will always fear what’s out there
Fear the world until you’re gone

Pulling you down blindfolded and bound
Dragged to the depths of the core
Forced into eternal majesty
If only you knew what darkness ascends
Coming to take you away
The years spent in denial would not mean a thing
Given no warning – x2

For you will always fear what’s out there
Fear the world until you’re gone

You will come to realise you were never truly alive

If you deny your existence
Life will pull you back in
The faster you fall the deeper you sink
The the quicker you’ll leave this all behind

Your cross to bear is a burden you won’t realise
So see this as a blessing in disguise

Let the blackened smoke fill your lungs
Breath it in
One day this will bury me as I buried you

Fear the world
Fear this world

syslosis monolith cover

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