System of a Down War? Music Video

System of a Down music video for their song War? – a track from the self-titled 1998 debut album by the band.  The album was certified platinum in 2000, after selling over a million copies in two years.

The artwork from the album is cut from an anti-fascist poster from around the time of World War II, the poster was designed for the communist party of Germany by artist John Heartfield in direct protect of the Third Reich.

War? Lyrics

Dark is the light,
The man you fight,
With all your prayers, incantations,
Running away, a trivial day,
Of judgement and deliverance,
To whom was sold, this bounty soul,
A gentile or a priest?
Who victored over, the Seljuks,
When the Holy Land was taken
We will fight the heathens -4
Was it the riches, of the land,
Powers of bright darkness,
That led the noble, to the East,
To fight the heathens
We will fight the heathens -x8
We must call upon our bright darkness,
Beliefs, they’re the bullets of the wicked,
One was written on the sword,
For you must enter a room to destroy it,
International security,
Call of the righteous man,
Needs a reason to kill man,
History teaches us so,
The reason he must attain,
Must be approved by his God,
His child, partisan brother of war,
Of war, we don’t speak anymore -x4
We will fight the heathens -x8

System Of A Down - System Of A Down - Cover

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