TesseracT Nocturne Music Video

Music video for the stunning TesseracT song Nocturne (Of Mind) from their masterful second full length studio album Altered State, a record they released in May 2013 via Century Media Records.    

TesseracT said about the video – “As we haven’t taken part in our promo videos for a while, we felt now was the time to make an appearance. But we also wanted to create a journey with the video that was similar to the journey portrayed by the music. A pretty straightforward step from the night, what it hides and the fear it generates, into the reassurance and safety of the dawn.

We have always really liked the idea of creating silhouettes – we tried to something similar with our first video, Deception, so we decided upon using back lights for the majority of the video, which is then reversed when the feeling of the music changes towards the end of the track.”

The video clip was created by United Kingdom video production company Sitcom Soldiers and features a man waking and then wandering around lost at night in the countryside trying to find his way by the light of a small torch, until the sun rises in the morning finally allowing him to find a trail to the road. Director Ben Thornley said about the production effort – “Working with TesseracT for us was about capturing something which did a great song justice with a memorable performance, whilst providing an equally provocative atmospheric narrative. The band naturally looked great and the creative process went very smoothly and shows in the final video.”

Nocturne Lyrics

Climb, You’re dehydrated
Fly, Your wings are jaded
Cry, You’re enervated
Die, For what you believe in
Try, You’ve nearly made it

You’re the plague within my dreams
Soaring through an atmosphere of an adequate lack of strength
And we’re responsible
The truth is that it will end here
Denial’s an impairment of your fear
Can we save us from ourselves?
This is the saviour and its form

You can break through
Wake me up
Tell me it’s gone
False hope sells lies I won’t buy
We are still one
Let’s attempt escape
Melancholia will feed
We’ll admit defeat
The Vox Populi will cease
The air is thickening
We are drifting

What’s done is done
One more second chance would be enough
Only on the brink can we see so clearly
Wake me up

tesseract - altered state - cover

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