The Bled Mouthbreather Music Video

Mouthbreather music video for the song from Heat Fetish, the fourth full length studio album by the American hardcore band The Bled.  The record was released in March 2010 via Rise Records and would be the last album by the band, who later split due to financial concerns forcing some of the members to take other jobs or spots in other bands.

Mouthbreather Lyrics

I know you thought I would go quietly
but I never asked you for permission to believe
in something bigger than us both.
I think you owe me an apology.
You left me waiting in the desert for the sand.
I aim my mouth at the sky.
Only to find my lungs have filled with sand.
I let the sun burn me down before I let you inside
I clear my throat.
It’s just a matter of time before you set something innocent on fire
just to watch it run.

So keep forcing me into survival mode
I need to know what it’s all worth.
I’ll chase that dream down that same one-way dead-end road
Until I find another reason to stay home and let it go.
I will keep my eyes on the road and my heart to myself.

The Bled - Heat Fetish - Cover

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