Vader Dark Transmission Music Video

Dark Transmission music video for the song from The Beast, the sixth studio album by death metal band Vader.  The record was produced by Piotr Wiwczarek, and released in September 2004 via Metal Blade Records.

Dark Transmission Lyrics

Strings of the universe vibrate
Sending black messages ahead
Mutant waves across the world
Chaos is on the air

Wild static fills the ether
Noise raging around
Hacking brains with feedback
Chaos is on the air

Dark transmission
Open all channels now
Dark transmission
Blistering your ears

Void reverberates with echos
Tides of zeros and ones flood
Interference whipping your ears

Dark transmission
On the air
Trance, dark mission
Waves fill the brains

Dark mission
Dark mission

Vader - The Beast - Cover

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