Veil Of Maya Mikasa Music Video

Veil Of Maya music video for the track Mikasa, a song from the bands fifth studio album, entitled Matriarch.  The record was released in May 2015 has been the most successful album by the band to date, reaching number 2 on the US Hard Rock chart and number 5 on the US Rock Albums chart.

Lukas Magyar was added to the bands line-up for the record, taking over over vocal duties from Brandon Butler.  Magyar commented about his joining the band – “I’m from this small town in Wisconsin, where there’s not a lot of music and nobody’s really as serious about it as I am.  I had followed Veil Of Maya for a few years, and was really impressed by them. When I heard they needed a new singer, I got in touch.”

Guitarist Marc Okubo adds – “We flew him out, auditioned him and hired him on the spot.  ..He was great. He could sing, too, which is something we’d wanted to do for a while. It really opened up some possibilities.”.

Mikasa Lyrics

Before me there stands an opportunity
There for the taking In this moment – this exact moment
I shall prepare myself
To face a monster of which only I may conquer
Conjure the power bestowed upon our souls
Conjure the power

Align the stones to form a message in the sand
I will never relinquish
It is written in the sand

Which lies below me
Staring back at a helpless man
I’ve done all I can
It lies in the hands of those who seek a voice soaring above the rest
Built from the ground
Forming scratches upon the surface
We survive in wretched of times
We survive in wretched of times
Conjure the power
We survive in wretched of times
And we thrive in the most wretched of times

Veil Of Maya - Matriarch - Cover

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